Hydra Skin Refiner Warranty


What happens when you place your order?

Once we see your order we will send you an email.  The email will contain a link for you to follow to the Hydra Skin Refiner Private FB support group.

A tracking number will be provided once generated.  

It takes about 14 business days to arrive to you.

Once you receive your new HSR contact us to set up your free online video chat training session.


There are no returns on the Hydra Skin Refiner.


1. Warranty includes HSR whole machine, except tips and fuse parts.  Main machine body  warranty  time is 12 months and wands are 3 months .

Within 3 months ,we will supply spare parts for free if the machine has quality problem 

When the warranty date is expired ,  we will charge the service fee or the cost of the component.

2. Manufacturer Defects: In the event of defects in material  and workmanship our obligation shall be limited to free labor and parts repair or  replacement, solely at our option, of any defective part for a period of two years from the date of purchase. 3. Disclaimer of Damages: The remedies provided herein are the buyer’s sole  and exclusive remedies and in no event shall our products be liable for direct, indirect,  special, incidental, or consequential damages (including loss of profits) whether based on  contract, tort, or any other legal theory. 4. Returns: All damaged machines must return in 30 days after receiving the confirmation  from our service department. 5. Shipping Policy: For your protection, the acceptance of this shipment by the  Transportation Company is an acknowledgement that the articles were delivered to them in  good working condition and properly packed. The shipping cost of replacement or repairing parts will be on us when due to  manufacturer defects;  6. Exceptions - Inappropriate damage such as: dramatic impact, vibration, drop, condenser chamber  burning, crystal rods destroying, etc. - Inappropriate damage or loss of key components such as the handpiece, protective glasses, power lines, you will be charged for the cost of accessories. - Consumer who repairs the machine caused by improper by himself. - Due to irresistible forces (such as fires, earthquakes and other natural disasters) of damage. - Beyond the period of warranty products.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  Your machine will be replaced if manufacture problem with in the first three months.  After three months the company will repair for free or send parts to you for free.   You will be responsible for shipping damaged machine to company and shipping for replacement.   I highly encourage you to work directly with our engineer (email is available upon request) so as to avoid costly shipping fees.  The engineer will communicate with you for free and will help with trouble shooting any issues.  

Please note that transfer of ownership does not carry a transfer of warranty. For second hand purchases there will be a fee for training, entry to this support group for marketing, and tech support. The cost will be $399 for unlimited training, access to spare or repair parts, group support and marketing support.

The second buyer does have the option of being trained by the original seller for free.