Hand Held Devices

Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber $99



Stainless Steel



2 hour operating time per charge

Free one on one video  training

One year warranty

price includes shipping in USA

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Photon Handheld LED $115



This is beautiful and powerful. Light weight but very sturdy. Photon LED Bio-wave

Free one on one video training

Price includes shipping in USA

Red 622-628 nm
Green 522-528 nm
Blue 462-468 nm
Yellow 587-590 nm

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Infra Red/LED light $119


Promotes HSP protein.  What is HSP?  It is a type of protien produced by  specific cells to help with wound healing and tissue remodeling.

Price includes shipping in USA

16 Infra red lights and 8 LED diodes that can penetrate up to 5.5 microns

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Low laser and LED scalp treatment $119



Disintegrates  sebum to cleanse follicle

Massaging mode to stimulate blood flow

LED  wavelength 630-650

Free  one on one video training

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Powerful 3MHZ Sonic/LED $119


 3Mhz ultrasound + Bio red light + Bio yellow light + Bio blue light + Bio green light + Positive ion + Negative ion. With LCD screen that shows working status clearly.  Cleanses, infuses serums, massages, lifts the skin, treats other issues with LED

Price includes shipping in USA

Free one on one video training

Red 622-628 nm

Blue 462-468 nm

Green 522-528 nm

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Ultrasonic body slimming with LED $119


This Ultrasonic body massager machine is our latest device for body slimming/ full body masager/ cellulite reduction and skin care for the body. Galvanic (postive and negative ions), Ultrasound, Massage and LED. Intelligent LCD Display design is very convenient for users to view the working status clearly! 


Red light 622-628nm

Green light 522-528nm

Blue light 462-468nm c


USB Wall charger $12.99


Many new treatment room devices need a USB charger.  This can plug into laptop or USB wall charger. If you do not have a USB wall charger please see what we have below.  

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Lash Perm combs set of two $5.99


One side is aFine tooth comb to help separate the lashes in preparation for a tint... 

The other side is a simple wedge that helps you get the lashes to say on the rod

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LED therapy mask $129


150 diodes hit the face with healing power.  

Red light (650nm): signs of aging

Blue light (463nm): Acne

Green light (527nm):  pigmentation Yellow light (590nm):  oxygen 

Purple light (600nm): aging and acneClear 

blue light (510nm): Enhances Cell Energy and boosts your metabolism.

White Light (470nm) Penetrates deep into the skin, accelerating active tissue metabolism, treats signs of aging

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USB wall charger $9.99


Many of our handled devices only come with USB cords.  We recommend getting this for charging using an Electrical outlet.  Free shipping

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BI Spot Remover Probes $33

BI Spot Remover

Set of Five probes for use with the BI Spot Remover

Free shipping in USA

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BI Spot Remover $1200


Treat Skin  irregularities by deyhdrating the lesion being treated.  Uses the Arc, Spark method ...Promotes quicker healing.

Free training, Free shipping in USA

Hot Cold Hammer $99

Hot Cold Hammer

Cools down to  44 degrees

Warms up to 107 degrees

Stainless Steel plate

Free Shipping in USA

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